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All Things Wool
Making Pizza

Andrea runs a full-service animation studio from her basement. Half of the space is dedicated to fabrication, the other half to animation. Andrea has her hands in both aspects of production, and everything in between. Scroll down for a collection of BTS shots and wonderful wooly moments.

Banana Split
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For Andrea, wool as a medium lends itself to stories that take place in natural worlds: landscapes, water, organic scenes. It works well with character-driven stories because puppets are so engaging. It’s also refreshingly understated. There isn’t the over-the-top exaggeration that exists in some other forms of animation. With wool stop motion, everything is a bit more subtle, subdued, shrewd, and sublime. It’s the perfect material for expressing nuance and naturalism.

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Wool is also the perfect material to support Andrea's efforts to be more eco-conscious in her work. "I love fiber both for its tactile and fuzzy texture, but also because it is a natural material. Sheep need to be sheared in order to protect their health and hygiene, making it renewable and sustainable. My family and I strive to live sustainably with a low carbon footprint and care deeply about mitigating the environmental costs of climate change."

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Building a Frog
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Tea Kettle