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Bath & Body Works
Once Upon Fall

To highlight their fall-themed, Fairytale product line, Bath & Body Works turned to Hornet Director Sarah Beth Morgan to create a surreal world rife with saturation, magic, and charm. The animated spot follows an elegant fox that travels through various color worlds and "scent-scapes" to playfully transport viewers into a unique microcosm of plants, creatures, musings, and larger-than-life products. 


Director Sarah Beth Morgan
Client Bath & Body Works
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer Alex Unick
Producer Rebekah Hamilton
Production Coordinator Judy Tam
Editor Sam Stulin
Designer Sarah Beth Morgan, Diana Traykov
Storyboards Sami Healy
2D Lead Sami Healy
2D Animation Sami Healy, Hyo Bin Kang, Camille Vincent, Matt Corsillo, Dax Wong
Compositor Alex Deaton, Ted Wiggin
Music and SFX Jen Pague

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babw01 fall15 sh020 v07 dt
babw01 fall15 sh050 v03 sbm

To bring the Fairytale products and the "Once Upon a Fall" tagline to life, Sarah Beth envisioned an otherworldly environment of captivating color schemes, surreal perspective shifts, and ethereal Alice in Wonderland-inspired vibes. The hero fox character is meant to represent the customers themselves—exploring and curious, following playful hints of each product, and being led into various immersive autumn-themed worlds. 

babw01 fall15 sh065c closeup V01 sq
babw01 fall15 acorn dt
babw01 fall15 dragonfly dt
babw01 fall15 fox character dt

According to Sarah Beth, "The client was amazing. They were very open to our ideas and really wanted to create more of an immersive atmosphere rather than just product rundown." 

babw01 fall15 sh040 v01 sbm
bbw lookdev01
babw01 fox turnaround v01 sh
babw01 fall15 product labels spread dt
babw01 fall15 products dt
babw01 fall15 sh010 v010 sbmtransition
BBW OnceUponFall T04 1920x1080 HornetStudio Hornet
BBW OnceUponFall T05 1920x1080 HornetStudio Hornet
babw01 fall15 products pecan mist dt
babw01 fall15 products perfume dt
babw01 fall15 products whitebalsam vanilla candle dt
In Store at the Counter
In Store - Framed
Once Upon Fall: Making of