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Between Lines

Out of trauma, blooms a sense of healing and connection. “Between Lines” is an upcoming short film that speaks to the scarring experience of schoolgirl bullying - and the recovery that follows. The narrative follows a young woman’s journey as she navigates isolation, exclusion, and anxiety. Alongside a team of over 30 women, Sarah Beth Morgan is spreading awareness of what this trauma is and what it does to someone - to pierce the viewers of the film with deep-rooted, gut-wrenching empathy. And to let the women and girls who have experienced this to know they are not alone.

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Director Sarah Beth Morgan
Producer Rebekah Hamilton
Animation Director Taylor Yontz
Design Sarah Beth Morgan, Sara Ariel Wong, Nuria Boj, Caroline Choi
Animation Taylor Yontz, Rachel Reid, Collin Leix, Yino Huan, Thea Glad, Antoinie Eugene, Rocio Cogno, Pip Williamson, Rachel Yonda, Camille Vincent, Esther Cheung, Amanda Godreau, Yahira Hernandez, Julie Craft, Margaret Bialis, Amy Charlick, Issey Roquet, Anna Taberko, Katherine Pryor, Jasper Hilgers, Michelle Grepo, Aly Tain, Sami Healy, Hyo Bin Kang, Khylin Woodrow
VO / Sound / Music Jennifer Pague
Script Nirrimi Firebrace
Special Thanks Dez Stavracos, Tyler Morgan, Molly Bowman

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betweenlines T06 teeth sarahbeth
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Still from Short
betweenlines T03 1x1 girlinwater sarahbeth
Fish Still
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Falling Still