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Carl + Annika

This creative collaboration with live action directors Carl Knight, Annika White and the Hornet cel team marries fashion-forward performance with the limitlessness of cel animation.

Hornet Director Natalie Labarre was inspired by Carl and Annika's work with fashion brands like MAC, JVN and Harper's Bazaar. Specifically, she wanted to work off of their playful directing style of pulling magic from the mundane, and see how hand-drawn clothes and a surrealist take on the existing environments could feel like an augmented version of Carl and Annika's world.


Directors Annika White, Carl Knight, Natalie Labarre
Produced by Hornet
Managing Partner Hana Shimizu
Head of Production Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer Cathy Kwan
Production Supervisor Dez Stavracos
Producer Sarah Keshishian
Assistant Editor/Sound Design Minseok Kim

2D Animation
Lead Animator Natalie Labarre
Animators Seongjin Yoon, Hyo Bin Kang, Ty Enos, Mamadou Barry

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"It’s really inspiring living in New York City and being exposed to so many different mediums. We often find that we’re not only inspired by film or photography, but also animation, sculpture, comedy and painting. Any form of art can be an inspiration. Or even non-art! Surroundings, life itself. The color of someone’s jacket." – Carl Knight

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"We shared an initial idea and direction for the vision, but it was incredible to see how Natalie took that vision and ran with it in her own way and created something stunning that we really could never have dreamt of. That’s what’s so beautiful about the collaborative process and working with artists of different mediums - that you each bring something to the table and are able to collectively create something that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible on your own." – Annika White

Castle Design
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