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Doug Alberts is a director, designer, and animator whose style is fueled by a playful aesthetic and a love for experimentation. At the heart of his work is a serious devotion to story, yet also a clear commitment to never taking himself too seriously. In other words, Doug’s work is fun. Even the educational stuff and the explainer films, the heartfelt content and the should-be-boring stuff, it’s all laced and loaded with optimism and innocent humor. The result is a body of work that’s not just impressively vast given how young he is, but also incredibly inviting and warm.

Doug's portfolio is filled with a prolific and eye-catching smorgasbord of personal projects (like the claymation-inspired Bugged and his motion-design exploration of the Enneagram), client work for the likes of MTV, TED-Ed, and Lyft, and a diverse array of design and animation techniques.

As a twin, a runner, a fishing enthusiast, and an artist, Doug is a man of many moods and many lives lived. And just as it’s impossible to pigeonhole his personality into one small category, it’s equally impossible to label his style. “When people look at my work," he says, "they relate to shapes and objects. I use a combination of styles. I like to experiment to make things people haven’t necessarily seen before, but there’s always a friendliness to it that’s consistent.”

What Doug brings to the Hornet director roster is an exuberant optimism and a design language that speaks to the inner child in all of us. He’s at once a goofball and a workaholic. And thankfully for all of us, the best is yet to come.

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