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“A symphonic essay on depression, and a powerful plea for self-love.” That—from the easy life press release—is about as succinct and accurate a synopsis as you’re likely to find for Andy Baker’s new animated music video for the easy life track “a message to myself.”


According to easy life frontman Murray Matravers, the song is a “reminder to keep doing you. It’s a celebration of individualism at all costs, to be yourself because nobody can do you better."


To bring this message to life, Hornet Director Andy Baker created a music video at once tense and touching, sad and uplifting, entertaining and inspiring.


The film is Andy Baker at his best: bold 2D animations, compelling characters, liquid transitions, a definitive ‘cool’ quality, and an understated yet insuppressible moral depth. Through the metaphor of a fishbowl representing burnout, Andy tackles the subject of mental wellbeing with a powerful & optimistic story that harmonizes in perfect pitch with the song's to-be-lived-by lyrics: "there's nobody else who can do you like you can do."


In Andy’s words, "The track takes you on such an amazing emotional rollercoaster, I wanted the animation to match not just this but the positive feeling it leaves you with. We also wanted the film to talk about mental health in more open and realistic ways, as it was something I had been struggling with doing at the time."


Accompanying the release of the music video was an all-you-can-imagine buffet of fun promo assets. On Youtube, there was a live chat between Andy and easy life frontman Murray Matravers about the making of the music video. On Instagram, there was an AR filter where users could capture themselves in the fishbowl and see a goldfish swimming around their heads. On the easy life website, there was a playable (and incredibly addicting) video game where users could steer a swimming animated Murray past underwater obstacles.

Easy Life

Finally, the film's subject matter—mental wellbeing—is especially relevant right now. In Andy's words, "I hope this film can help, even in a tiny way, remove some of the public stigma surrounding discussing mental health and echo the sentiment of the song by sending a positive message of support to anyone who needs it right now." 


After all, "a message to myself" is really a message to all of us. And Andy's film underscores this point with palpable positivity and relatability. 


As ever with Andy Baker projects—whether it's hidden easter eggs or interactive design elements—there's always more than initially meets the eye. To see the full film, check out our project page.

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