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Eve Sleep

Forget cockadoodledoo. In Peter Sluszka’s latest stop motion spot for UK mattress brand eve sleep, a well-rested rooster turns yodeling into the new rise-and-shine anthem of the ages.


Created alongside our friends at adam&eveDDB, the spot marks a strategic shift for the online mattress brand and their first major branding push in France.


This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with adam&eveDDB. Our joint collaboration on the 2013 spot The Bear and the Hare earned multiple festival awards and was ranked highest on the emotional scale more than any other John Lewis spot in the last 8 years, according to Campaign.


In this reunion with the agency, our goal was to bring to life the feeling of sleeping on an eve mattress. What follows is a wild ride through a fabricated farmscape featuring an offbeat array of elements: the cult-classic song "Hocus Pocus" by Focus, a hyper-tactile and hyperactive lineup of barnyard characters, and a compelling story progression with humorous driving energy.

Eve Sleep

From the beginning, the agency's concept was crystal clear: a cockerel gets such a good night's rest in an eve mattress that, instead of the normal crow, he belts out a prog-rock song from the 70’s, which sends the entire barnyard into a yodeling ruckus.


The storyline left more room for interpretation—and this was precisely where Peter had a ton of fun & creative freedom finding the right blend of story progression and comedic beats along the way.


He injected into the oddball setup a theatrical thrust where our hero rooster kicks down barn doors, dodges cow udders, inspires a flock of freshly-hatched chicks, and leads a choir of fellow fowl in a sing-and-dance number atop a giant hay bale ziggurat.


In Peter’s words, "There’s a quirky sensibility to it. I found myself pleasantly surprised that the agency and client embraced some of my most offbeat ideas. The things I was expecting to get killed, they ended up really liking. Creatively, it was really fun."

Eve Sleep

On the fabrication end, the project was no walk in the pasture. Peter and company fleshed out a giant cast of countryside characters: cows, sheep, pigs, goats. Puppet-building was a massive undertaking on this one. In total, there were over 30 farm animal characters sculpted and molded. The largest rooster and hen (which were built at multiple scales) each required over 1,000 hand-applied feathers to complete. And another big focus was recreating the actual eve sleep mattresses in miniature to ensure the designs emulated the product itself.


According to producer Trever Stewart, "The scope of this project was like making a movie. The level of detail—starting with concept art then moving into fabrication and design—it was all very cinematic with a big production value. The timeline of 7 weeks, however, did not feel like we were making a movie!"

Eve Sleep

Not to, ahem, beat a dead horse, but what sets the spot apart is a delightful lineup of moving parts: an adventurous client in eve sleep, a working chemistry with adam&eveDDB, and a weird yet wonderful vision from Hornet Director Peter Sluszka.


Through the use of absurd humor and kitschy storytelling elements, the message is clear: when you hit the hay in an eve mattress, you won't be counting sheep for very long, and you'll wake feeling as refreshed as a yodeling rooster. 


To learn more, peep our project page

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