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Facebook - A Holistic Partnership
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Since the early days of The Factory—Facebook's internal product marketing group—Facebook and Hornet have partnered directly to create a robust collection of campaigns and product launches. The chemistry that’s developed over the years can be boiled down to a synergistic sum of many moving parts.

There have been dozens of campaigns, numerous target audiences across Facebook’s billion-plus users, a wide variety of techniques and mediums, and a mix of Hornet directors. Altogether, this ongoing partnership speaks to Hornet’s ability to collaborate with clients across every phase of a project’s life cycle—from design to narrative, creative to production, concept to execution.

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What started as a straightforward execution of mixed media “How To” films quickly evolved into a much more strategic and holistic working relationship. Collaborating across a variety of Facebook features and products—including Facebook at Work, Community Standards, Events, Holidays, and Facebook Year in Review—the work continued to expand. As it did, the partnership grew more attuned. Hornet developed an intrinsic understanding of both Facebook’s brand DNA and their pipeline process, which allowed us to not only react faster to requests, but also react smarter and with more creative efficiency to solve their marketing needs.

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What's unique about our process with Facebook is that, often, we've been brought in at the beginning stages of production to help guide the process alongside the FB Product Marketing Managers. We attend the focus group testing and are looped into the research. This gives us the visibility and transparency to shape a more informed creative. With this firsthand knowledge, Hornet can implement strategy across multiple disciplines and have a direct hand in concepting, branding, animation production, all the way to locking down audio. 

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Over the years, Hornet has delivered a dynamic mix of films and campaigns with an equally variable mix of authorship styles. There have been multiple directors (from Sam Mason, to Clim, to Moth, to Yves Geleyn), multiple mixed media styles (from 2D, to CG, to live action), and a number of campaigns targeting specific global audiences (from Latin American events, to Indian elections, to global community standards). In other words, when working with a brand as big and diverse as Facebook, it pays to have an extensive quiver of solutions—which is exactly what Hornet's eclectically-curated directors bring with them. 

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In short, through years of collaboration, Hornet and Facebook have streamlined demands and services to ensure both integrity and swift execution of the work. By setting up a systematic and direct approach, a communication has been established to create a shorthand understanding between the Hornet and Facebook production teams regarding schedule, budget, process, and more—which is essential in today's rapidfire digital advertising landscape.

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