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Famous Lungs
Terry Crews

In 2017, Hornet Director Peter Sluszka first introduced the world to "Little Lungs in a Great Big World". Created for the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, the films were designed to educate teens about the harmful effects of smoking in an off-kilter, non-pedantic way. They were an immediate hit, with some serious staying power. Today, the films continue to rack up millions of views on YouTube. And now Little Lungs—the anthropomorphic character that "smoked as a teen and never grew to normal size"—is back! This time, he's joined by a star-studded cast of celebrities including Terry Crews, Tony Hawk, and Sky Katz. In each spot, these celebs try to help Little Lungs do what they do—from action stunts to singing & performing—and each time, because of his stunted lungs, he falls short in some cheerfully grotesque way. Made in stop motion, the films strike that perfect balance between irreverently funny and devastatingly effective.


Director Peter Sluszka
Agency FCB New York
Production Co Hornet
Executive Producer Hana Shimizu
Development Producer Kristin Labriola
Senior Producer Marty Geren
Senior Editor Anita Chao
Editor Minseok Kim
Asst Editors Dylan Leslie, Minseok Kim Hyeseung Kim
Storyboard Artists Sean Lattrell, David Zung
Character Designs Cat Rao
Environment Designs Stevie Lewis, Olga Sokal, Drew Hartel
Matte Paintings Stevie Lewis
Lead Compositor/VFX Supervisor John Harrison
Compositors Peter Fink, Ted Wiggin
Color Honest Labor 
Colorist Shawn King

Line Producer Joel Kretschman
Director of Photography Ivan Abel
Motion Control Operator Richard Coppola
Gaffer Michael Yetter
BB Electric Chris Clarke
Key Grip Balz Beillmann, Kevin Bacon
BB Grip Kevin Bacon, Lyon Taylor, Jake Kump
Animator(s) Matt Somma, Maxwell Sorensen, Matt Christensen, Mikail Ekiz
Art Director Tim McDonald
Fabrication Peter Erickson, David Assel, Maxwell Sorensen, Mikail Ekiz, Ilya Smelanksy, Camille Labarre, Michael Lawrence, Ben Kress, Samantha Smith, Laura Noveck, Kerry Coutu, Matt Scharenbroich, Melissa Chow

Director, Office of Health Communication and Education Kathy Crosby
Deputy Director, Office of Health Communication and Education April Brubach
Director, Division of Public Health & Education Gem Benoza
Supervisory Health Communications Specialist Allison Alexander
Health Communications Specialist Merrybelle Guo
Health Communications Specialist Jomi Kiladejo
Health Communications Specialist Sarah Edwards
Health Communications Specialist To Le

Agency FCB New York
President Emma Armstrong 
EVP, Co-Chief Creative Officer Gabriel Schmitt 
EVP, Co-Chief Creative Officer Michael Aimette 
EVP, Executive Creative Director Gary Resch 
Associate Creative Director James Meiser 
Associate Creative Director Tara Dobson 
EVP, Director of Integrated Production Adam Isidore 
Integrated Producer Kate Fixter 
Business Manager Janice Katz 
EVP, Group Management Director Suzanne Santiago 
SVP, Account Director Dimas Adiwiyoto 
Account Director Pamela Natale 
Account Director Jared Shell 
Account Supervisor Ally Morrow 
Account Executive Jonathan Skewes 
Assistant Account Executive Logan Paul 
Project Manager Nicole Lopez 

Mixer Eric Thompson

Original Music by Walker
Music Supervisor Julianne Wilson
Executive Producer Abbey Hendrix
Engineer Christopher Keyes

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Tony Hawk

"A lot of the Little Lungs content is oddball and off-kilter, trying to cut through the clutter and reach teens in a way that isn’t pedantic."

-Peter Sluszka

"Making Of" Famous Lungs
Famous Lungs Line Up
Famous Lungs Line Up
Sky Katz

"Stop motion was chosen because there's a real visceral quality about the harm that can be done. A physical object being impacted by its environment really shows that those actions have consequences. It strikes the right formula between humorous and gruesome for a notoriously fickle age group."

-Peter Sluszka

Famous Lungs Tony Hawk Set
Famous Lungs Tony Hawk Set
FamousLungs BTS04 petersluszka
Famous Lungs Set Design
Famous Lungs Set Design
FamousLungs BTS11 petersluszka
FamousLungs BTS12 petersluszka
Famous Lungs Set and Model Design
Famous Lungs Set and Model Design
FamousLungs BTS08 petersluszka
Famous Lungs Hats and Clothes
Famous Lungs Hats and Clothes
FamousLungs BTS19 petersluszka
FamousLungs BTS18 petersluszka
Famous Lungs Props
Famous Lungs Props
FamousLungs BTS20 petersluszka
Famous Lungs Basketball Designs
Famous Lungs Basketball Designs
FamousLungs BTS16 petersluszka

"Famous Lungs in Action"

FamousLungs BTS03 petersluszka