Jo Arghiris
Jo Arghiris

Hornet is excited to announce Jo Arghiris is joining the team as our first West Coast-based Executive Producer.

Jo's experience includes VFX production in London and NYC, and shifting to design, animation, mixed media, and live action production as an EP in her current home of Los Angeles. With over 20 years of experience, Jo's global resume is perfectly positioned to help bolster our West Coast presence and further our work in motion design, live action, and mixed media. Her past roles include Executive Producer at The Mill and Executive Producer at MPC. More recently, as an Executive Producer/Managing Director at Scholar, Jo worked closely with the Managing Partners to build out their West Coast presence.

“We always believed that fortifying our existing relationships with brands and agencies in the West Coast market required true leadership from someone who understands the market from within. We were thrilled to meet Jo at an opportune time and knew instantly she was the exact fit for this role. Her collaborative spirit, passion for discovering and nurturing talent, and ability to push the bounds of storytelling through design and animation are all talents we truly admire, and believe can serve as an exciting Northstar for our brand in the West.” – Hana Shimizu, Hornet Managing Director/Executive Producer

What excites you most about your role?

"I've been familiar with Hornet's work for some time now and have always heard that it's a great place to be. I'm proud to be a part of a world class team and am lucky to have joined such a caring, thoughtful and helpful family. People really love what they do here and you can absolutely see that come through in the work we produce. I’m so excited to be here and to be part of Hornet’s next chapter.” – Jo Arghiris

What excites you about animation now and in the future?

“I love animation as a medium to tell stories as I find it so artful and purposeful. I appreciate that you can control every aspect of the journey and can really craft something magical from beginning to end. I am also fascinated by the design process too; the choices we make in response to the push and pull of a brief. I find the nuances of motion design both intriguing and rewarding. Having the opportunity to combine design and animation with live action is also something I enjoy and I was excited to see Hornet excels in this space, too.” – Jo Arghiris

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