Kroger Thanksgiving
Kroger Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, gratitude, and yep—you guessed it—Kroji characters. In this holiday spot for Kroger, Hornet Director Yves Geleyn makes his first foray into the “Fresh for Everyone” universe by paying tribute to doting grandmas everywhere.


As a refresher, Hornet has been working with the good people at Kroger for over a year now. Our very own César Pelizer was the original visionary for the design components of the Kroger rebrand in November 2019. And it’s his lovable CG Kroji characters that are still the stars of the show across all TV, in-store, out-of-home, and digital channels.

Kroger Thanksgiving

As the relationship has evolved, however, we’ve had the great privilege of pulling in other voices from our director roster to lend their creative visions to the campaign and ensure the content remains fresh… well, for everyone.


In this particular spot, it’s French-German-American director Yves Geleyn who takes his seat next to César at the director's Thanksgiving dinner table.

The spot—set to the Motown tune of “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)”—is about as wholesome as the fruits and veggies in a Kroger produce aisle. And the story is a universal one, starring an adorable grandmother who lavishes exorbitant amounts of homemade dishes upon her granddaughter who’s back in town for the holidays. Add in the fact there’s a very timely moral—of food bringing people together at a time when togetherness of any kind is vitally important—and you have yourself an award-winning recipe that would rival even the best that grandma could cook up.


To see the full spot, check it out here. And to learn a little more about the Kroger-Hornet relationship, enjoy this in-depth (but still entertaining!) case study.

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