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Hello, and welcome to a new year, a new decade, and a new way to engage with your good friends at Hornet. That’s right: We’re thrilled to announce we’re starting off the Roaring Twenty-Twenties with a brand new, freshly redesigned website.

The decision to redesign was born out of a desire to showcase more of our process here at Hornet. Final films are usually the only things people see. While the final films produced at Hornet are always of the highest order (if we do say so ourselves), it’s the stuff that goes into making them where the fun, creative magic and unfettered ingenuity takes place. Rather than withholding that magic for only us to see, we wanted to let people in on things like how many x-acto blades were used to create a city of cardboard or how we rigged a slice of pizza to row a boat or how we’ve worked continuously with one particular brand since the days when Blockbuster video stores were still a thing.

With the new layout, we’re providing more of a behind-the-scenes peek into the journey from concept to final delivery, complete with all of the exciting, exhausting, and exhaustive endeavor that goes into it.

Of course, none of this website redesign would have been possible without the help of our close friends at Hugo and Marie. Endless thanks and praise to them for their keen eye for design and their tireless ability to tackle every question and concern we sent their way!

Finally, a few housekeeping items: Our new URL is now https://hellohornet.com. Please note that our email addresses and social media handles have also changed accordingly to @hellohornet.

We hope you love the new site as much as we do. As always, we’d love to hear from you!
Hana & Michael

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