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One Lovely Day - Full

“One Lovely Day” is a mixed media film by Hornet Director Andy Baker that's all about spreading love and the joy of gifting to neighbors and friends around the world during the holiday season. It brings together the 2D talents of Andy Baker Studio along with an inspiring cast of celebrity ambassadors including Millie Bobby Brown, Coco & Breezy, and the Pandora Muses—a global collective of inspiring women that includes: Nathalie Emmanuel, Halima Aden, Georgia May Jagger, Larsen Thompson, Tasya Van Ree, and Margaret Zhang.


Director Andy Baker
Client Pandora
Agency Malling

Production Company Andy Baker Studios
Executive Producer / Head of Production Lucia Davies

Storyboard Artist Yohann Auroux
Lead Character Designer Connie Van
Background Design Matthew Hernandez
Background Painting Ivan Aguirre, Andy Baker

Lead Animator Hannah Lau-Walker
Animators Kim Alexander, Andrew Clarke, Jac Clinch, Mara Fradella, Harriet Gillian, Ed Roberts, Sean Weston, Maki Yoshikura, Yu Knifeson
Clean-up & Colour Animators Alejandra Anguita, Leroy Ayton, Jamie Hobbs, Ned Mackness, Kat Michaelides, Katherine Spagenberg
Compositor Amanda LeMarco

Track ‘A Lovely Day’ Bill Withers
Sound Design Father


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Pandora CB RGB 16x9 WEB

For Andy, this was an exciting challenge. He’s a director known for character-focused 2D animation mixed with bold colors and a love of 90’s art, street-skate style, and music culture. But to refine that style a bit—to create something a little more realistic, even a little more feminine and fashion-oriented—was a great way for Andy to expand his portfolio and showcase his range. The most fascinating design challenge came from molding together the real world with the animated one. Piecing together the live action sequences with the animations—and conversely ensuring the animations played nicely with the real world—was a rewarding creative endeavor for Andy.

Pandora MBB 1x1 RGB WEB
Pandora TASYA 1x1 RGB WEB

"All of the ambassadors are so iconic in their own right and it’s so important with character design to really get the essence of each person in there. It’s a balance of shape and line and forms and can sometimes be as simple as taking some lines away or isolating the unique features of each person but not making them too over the top."

-Andy Baker

Pandora HALIMA RGB 16x9 WEB
Pandora LARSEN RGB 16x9 WEB
Pandora GROUP RGB 16x9 WEB
Pandora MZ RGB 16x9 WEB