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Our 5,000-square-foot shooting stage is a fully-equipped creative playground where our directors and producers have all the resources they need to fully express themselves. By investing in our own art department, our in-house team of directors, producers, animators, fabricators, and puppeteers can dive fully into their crafts, build new worlds, and bring their visions to life. This allows us to truly push the limits of what mixed media production can be. 


1831 Starr Street
Ridgewood, New York

Total shutter count for all Hornet cameras
Square Feet
Minutes of total footage
Commercial shoots

A virtue of having our own production stage is that it gives us a nimble leg up in terms of speed, efficiency, and creative license. Not a lot of studios have access to their own stages. We've chosen to invest in one for the last 10-plus years because it further supports our commitment to ownership and authorship.